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Storie di donne mai arrese

( I SING MY OWN SONG - Stories of Women who never surrendered )

Under the Auspices of:

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Boston Playwrights' Theatre

June 9-10-11


The show is series of monologues about historical Italian women who were victims of violence, abuse and patriarchy.


Monologues from:

Michela Murgia (b. 1972, writer and feminist activist) extracts from “Stai Zitta”

Franca Rame (1929 - 2013, actress and feminist activist), “The Rape”

Artemisia Gentileschi (1593 - 1653, painter), extracts from court deposition

Gostanza (1535 - circa 1600, woman accused of witchcraft), extracts from court deposition

Beatrice (1266 - 1290, woman loved by poet Dante Alighieri), by Stefano Benni


The goal is to raise awareness about the condition of women, throughout history, in a mostly male-dominated society.


The performance is in Italian with English subtitles.


All ticket revenue will be donated to two charities:


Casa Myrna, Boston’s largest provider of shelter and support services to

survivors of domestic violence.


Mabel Center for Immigrant Justice, whose mission is to provide expert

pro-bono legal services to asylum-seeking families, women and children

that have survived unimaginable violence in pursuit of safety in the

United States.


Cast & Crew:

Eleonora Francesca Cordovani, director and actress

Chiara Durazzini, producer and actress

Rossella Mancullo, actress

Carmen Marsico, actress and singer


Alex Sucheck, consultant

Federica Ganzarolli Jancek, set designer

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