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The Legacy of an Italian Renaissance Woman
One Actress, Ten Characters. One Musician, Ten Instruments

In 1589, The Madness of Isabella was a triumph at the De' Medici court in Florence. The protagonist was Isabella Andreini, a poet, a mother and one of the first theater professional female performers. A true Renaissance Woman. This show is a tribute to her and her legacy: all women working in the arts today. Also available in Italian with the title LE BRAVURE DI ISABELLA



Masks Unlimited!
Masks Unlimited! is all about masks. This all-ages program recognizes and celebrates our many selves and shows how masks provide access to diverse experiences. Eric Bornstein and Chiara Durazzini showcase about thirty different original hand-made masks and interact in most of them: animals, emotions, ages, theater styles, and pop culture characters. They also showcase several multicultural mask traditions: African, Japanese, Javanese, Tibetan, European, and Puerto Rican.
This family-friendly program is funny, informative, and entertaining.


La Giara

A One Act Play in Italian by Luigi Pirandello with Live Southern Italian Music

performed in Italian by  All'italiana - Boston Italian Theatre Company

Come see the show on Thursday March 30, 2023 at 7:30!



Aria Di Commedia
An Evening of Commedia dell'Arte and Italian Renaissance Music

A fun container of two or three original scenarios with Italian Renaissance music and dancing - In English


The Master of Two Servants

Great for for schools!

A 30 minutes scenario with three actors and one musician

Usually paired with workshop and/or teaching a dance


Pinocchio - A Commedia Adventure

by Carlo Collodi

Adapted by Chiara Durazzini and Elena Benazzi

 Told in the style of commedia dell’arte, a classical Italian style of physical comedy, this energetic production is sure to be fun for the whole family!​

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