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You are an amazing teacher... We laughed, we learned, we moved, we sweated! 
Prof. Cristina Mazzoni - University of Vermont

One of the best and useful workshops I've ever taken!
Gisele Lewis - Drama Specialist - British School of Caracas, Venezuela

I had fun at the Commedia dell'Arte event. The presenter and teacher was incredible. She was so small and powerful and very funny. I appreciated a lot the acquisition of the basic knowledge and then to try the characters ourselves. It was very interesting to learn how the body posture can influence the role you are interpreting.
Student of Italian at University of Vermont

Commedia dell'Arte and Renaissance Music
Workshops and Demontrations

One of our main goal is to educate our audience about the history and characteristics of Commedia dell'Arte and Renaissance music and dance. We teach in schools of all grades, from Kindergarten to Universities, in cultural organizations and we offer master classes to theatre professionals.
Every fall, we hold a workshop open to all in the Boston area.
Stay tuned for our next master class! Contact us for further info.


Our Masks in Motion workshops and demonstrations introduce students of all ages to the rich culture of Italy giving the opportunity to explore the ancient tradition of Commedia dell’Arte and its music, a tradition that still lives on today. In fact, depending on the duration, they include hands-on learning about the physical and personality traits of the Commedia stock characters (Arlecchino, Pantalone, Colombina and more), lecture with images about the history of the art form, the use of masks. If time allows, students will also improvise on simple “canovacci” (plots).

Workshops and demonstrations can be enriched by live Renaissance music, instruments demonstration and teaching a Renaissance court dance or Tarantella!

The duration can be tailored upon your request and can be taught in English, Italian or a mix of both. Your choice!

Workshops and demonstrations are led by actress, director and educator Chiara Durazzini and the multi-instrumentalist Dan Meyers.

Brown University, May 2018
Middlebury College, July 2022

See also our workshop gallery for more photos!


Our troupe performing and teaching at Boston Latin School - May 2019
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